Somatic & Integrative Coaching

Somatic Movement Practices are a field of study and bodywork comprised of a number of disciplines which bring into focus your first-person experience of yourself – your physical sensations and perceptions, your actions and life experiences, and your mental and physical processing of it all. 

Most of us usually go about our days not giving much conscious thought to our experiences as they happen – just sort of operating on habitual autopilot – or we think about our physical selves in a more third-person, anatomical/theoretical perspective. Somatic work allows us to consciously connect our minds and bodies as we experience them in real time to build greater awareness and agency over our actions and behaviors in the present moment.

As a Practitioner,  I primarily work through the lens of movement theory and repatterning based in the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System (LBMS) while also incorporating a range of other methods and disciplines. It is for this reason that I refer to my work as Integrative Coaching, using a variety of perspectives and approaches to help support individuals in discovering, empowering, and optimizing their whole selves. 

I specialize in addressing a variety of needs, including and in combinations of the following:

    • Functional Movement Repatterning for athletes, performance artists, and individuals experiencing chronic pain, physical dysfunction, or injury
    • Functional Movement Coaching for athletes, performance artists, and individuals seeking to improve their skills and capacity for success
    • Physical Re-education/Re-integration following some sort of trauma
    • Self-Care, Stress Relief, and Stress Management for individuals seeking a more balanced lifestyle
    • Mind-Body Integration for individuals seeking a deeper connection to and understanding of themselves
    • Expressive Movement, Performance, and/or Creative Process Coaching for dancers, actors, and performance artists
    • Communication & Embodied Leadership Coaching for individuals seeking to strengthen their interpersonal relationship skills
    • Mind-Body Behavioral Repatterning for individuals seeking healthier habits and personal transformation

If you find that you are in need of support in any of these areas or are interested in finding out what this work might be able to offer you, please reach out to discuss the possibilities.