Private Training

In addition to somatic-based one-on-one sessions, I also offer more traditional private training for dancers, actors, performance artist, and athletes of all levels and types over the age of 11. While I still take a somatic and integrated approach to such training, in these sessions we can focus our work together on any combination or progression of the following:

    • Specific movement or dance techniques/disciplines
    • Strength, agility, endurance, and conditioning
    • Mobility, flexibility, and range of motion
    • Skill development and movement mechanics
    • Artistry and expression
    • Creative process and performance techniques
    • Improvisation and/or choreography

I am also happy to (and often do) incorporate elements of Somatic Movement & Integrative Coaching into this type of training when necessary to ensure full comprehension and development.

If you would like to discuss how we can reach your goals, please reach out today!